Today web applications & web technologies are changing the approach of business operate across the globe. Iglodlabs expertise in developing professional web applications that transform the way you do your business. Starting from simple website to the most complex or dynamic applications that run the whole organizations, Iglodlabs has efficiently deliver solutions to empower your business. Iglodlabs is professional and experienced in developing exclusive system with multifaceted business logic dealing with large database & transactions. We believe in serving you web applications that are user friendly with easy navigation structure.

Wide range of web applications provided by Iglodlabs:

(1) Custom Web Development
(2) Content Management System
(3) E-Commerce Development
(4) Web Portal
(5) Shopping Cart Development

Cycle of Web Development Process

(1) Analysis: Once a client started discussing requirements of project, our team gets into it, in the direction of basic requirement analysis. Our professionals cover all the aspects, especially how the website is integrated with existing system & how it will be beneficial for your business. The teams come up with the complete cost-benefit analysis with perfect project plan as per client’s requirement. Reviewing &approving the preliminary documents, a written proposal is prepared.
Input: Discussion with client via phone or chat, Supporting documents & information through mails by the client, Model sites/applications etc.
Result: Work plan, Project responsibility, Project Costing, timeliness, Client’s approval.

2) Specification Structure: Work on the project scheduled as per approved proposal & advance amount. Basic specifications are drawn up by considering each & every element of the requirement. The module of the site including general layout, dynamic parts, site navigation etc generated in the specification structure. Bigger projects will require further level of consultation as additional business & technical information are required.
Input: Report from the Professional team.
Result: Complete specification structure to the client or the client’s representative.

(3) Design & development Planning: After building the specification Structure, designing process started with any written content material, graphics whatever the client wish to include. Normally the layouts & navigation will be designed as a model. There can be a lot of suggestions & changes from client side after reviewing the model site. Before moving into the next phase, we include customer comments, feedback & approval via mail or phone. Throughout the designing phase, the team develops test plans & process of quality assurance. Likewise the database team understands & develops the database with all the data structure, and the sample data will be generated.

Input: Written content material, graphics, or images.
Result: Website design with templates, images, graphics & prototype.

(4) Content Writing: It is an important phase mainly for websites. Our professional content developers write industry specific & relevant content for your website. The spelling & grammatical check should be completed in this phase.
Input: Relevant contents & approval of client.
Result: Site with formatted content.

(5) Application Development (Coding): In this phase, programmer started to add his code without disturbing the design with understanding the design & navigation. Programmer generates required testing plans & technical documentation. The end-user documentation also prepared by the coding team.
Input: The site with forms & required specifications.
Result: Coding documents, Database driven functions with the website.

(6) Quality Check (Testing of Codes): Web based application needs intensive testing. As the applications always function as a multiuser system with bandwidth limitations. Programmer team generates integration testing, stress testing, load testing, scalability testing, resolution testing & cross browser compatibility testing. We generate both manual & automated testing without fail. After getting all testing done, programmer generate live testing as it is needed for websites & web based applications. After uploading the site a complete testing (link testing) generated.
Input: The website, required specifications, Technical specifications, supporting documents, Technical documents etc.
Result: Complete website/application, testing reports, frequent interaction with designers & developers.

(7) Application Guidance & support: Client training or staff training is generated during this phase.
Input: Discussion with client or staff.
Result: Trained client or staff.

(8) Updation & Maintenance: Websites always required frequent updation to keep them fresh. Big changes can be done during the maintenance phase. Once your website is operational, certain elements needed like ongoing promotion, technical maintenance, content management & updating. Website visit activity reports & monitoring is done on a regular basis as per complexity of your website & the requirements of your organization.
Input: website/application, functions/content to be updated
Output: Updated application

Note: above mentioned steps are not strict to website development process. Some steps are not applicable for certain tasks. It depends on the costing & time involved in the project.

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